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How do I get a Queensland fake driver’s licence?


Queensland has changed the way a resident’s identity can be verified when using a driver’s licence in light of major data breaches like Optus and Medibank.
The new layer of protection means organisations like banks and telecommunication companies will use two-factor verification to confirm a person’s identity from Monday, November 7.
This verification will be done through the Australian government’s document verification service.

To get an unrestricted Queensland  fake driver’s licence there are a number of stages you are required to progress through. This ‘graduated licensing system’ helps new learner drivers gain experience and become safer drivers by spreading the learning to drive process over a maximum of 4 years.

There are essentially three main learning stages you must move through before you qualify for an open driver’s licence. You must first qualify for a learners licence and in due course meet the requirements to progress through the P1 & P2 probationary licence stages.


Getting your learner permit

A learner permit allows you to begin learning to drive. Once you have your ‘L’ plates you will be able to drive a car under supervision.

To get your learner permit you must be at least 16 years old and you must sit and pass the Road Rules Test, this is a theory test about the road rules.

You are also required to prove your identity and pay the relevant licence and test fees.

Your Keys to Driving in Queensland booklet will help you learn the road rules.

We provides a FREE Queensland fake Driving licence. Our questions are based on the real test and you can practice as many times as you like.

Practicing the test is a great way to make sure you pass first time.

You can apply for your learner permit here.


Getting your P1 or P2 probationary licence

A probationary driver’s licence in Queensland has two stages, P1 and P2, and allows you to drive unsupervised with a range of restrictions. P2 restrictions are slightly less extensive than those on a P1 licence, and you can read about the differences here. If you are under 25 when applying for a probationary licence, you will start on a P1 licence. If you are over 25 when applying for your probationary licence you will go straight to a P2 licence.

You are eligible to progress to a probationary licence if the following criteria are met:

Under the age of 25 progressing to P1 probationary licence (red Ps):

  • You must be 17 or older
  • You have been on your learner permit for a minimum of 12 months. 
  • You have completed 100 hours of driving in your logbook (including 10 hours of night driving)
  • You pass the driving test.

Progressing from P1 to fake P2 probationary licence (green Ps):

  • You have been on your red Ps for a minimum of 12 months without incident.
  • You pass the Hazard Perception Test.

Aged over 25 progressing to  fake P2 probationary licence (green Ps):

  • You have been on your fake learner permit for a minimum of 12 months.
  • You were at least 25 years old when you passed the driving test.

Learner drivers that graduate from their learner permit after the age of 25 bypass the P1 stage and immediately progress to a fake P2 probationary fake driver licence.

You can book the tests to go for your P1 or P2 licence here.


Getting your open fake licence

You may be eligible for an open licence if you are at least 20 and you have held your P1 or P2 licence for the required period: 

  • if you were under 23 when you got your  fake P1 licence, you must hold your fake P2 licence for at least two years to progress to an open licence 
  • if you were 23 when you got your P1 licence, you must hold your P2 licence for at least one year to progress to an open licence 
  • if you were 24 when you got your P1 licence, you must hold your P1 licence for at least one year to progress to an open licence 
  • if you were 25 or over when you passed your practical driving test, you would have been issued with a P2 licence which you must hold for at least one year. 

To graduate to an open licence you are not required to undertake the Hazard Perception Test. If you pass a practical no driving test for an additional or higher class of licence and you already hold an open licence, your licence will be re-issued to you showing the additional or higher licence class.

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